Alpine Fencing Products & Services


Post and Rail Fencing has been traditionally used for centuries and will provide a real ‘awe’ about a property if well done. Our macrocarpa post and rail fencing looks fantastic in both a rural setting or suburbia. Its quality and strength makes it ideal fencing for horses.


Alpine Fencing has designed and erected many of the fences seen at prominent developments in Queenstown-Lakes and Central Otago districts. Our fences are unique, well built and will add significant value to your property/development.


Alpine Fencing has considerable experience in farm fencing and has successfully completed many large scale deer, sheep, and centre pivot fences, as well as several very large and challenging Government land tenure projects. Give us a call to discuss your farm fencing project.


We can create beautiful custom-made gates using either Macrocapa or Hardwood timber. These can range from farm-type gates to professionally manufactured gates incorporating steel or other features, and can be designed by yourself or by one of our experienced staff to enhance your entranceway.